The very basic step required for machinery installment before its put to service and it is also a vital and unavoidable step necessary after dismounting of your machine. Our engineers guarantee the meticulousness of their every step while handling your machinery's shaft alignment, which is performed through one of the following processes: • Laser alignment for the most precise alignment of horizontal and vertical machines.
• Couplings, pulleys, cardan shafts, Soft foot, thermal compensation and machine trains.
• Live adjustment.

* Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. Shafts can have angular and parallel misalignment and usually both occur at once in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The possible consequences of shaft misalignment are serious to any company’s bottom line and include: • Increased friction and thereby energy consumption
• Premature bearing and seal failure
• Premature shaft and coupling failure
• Excessive seal lubricant leakage
• Failure of coupling and foundation bolts
• Increased vibration and noise

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