Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) is a technique used to determine the operating condition of AC induction motors without interrupting production. MCSA techniques can be used in conjunction with vibration and thermal analysis to confirm key machinery diagnostic decisions. MCSA operates on the principle that induction motor circuits can, in essence, be viewed as a transducer. By clamping a Hall Effect Current sensor on either the primary or secondary circuit, fluctuations in motor current . Using the dynamic motor analyzer, we can perform seven major functions to enhance a preventive/predictive maintenance programs. Within these functions evaluate the incoming power, motor and load utilizing a system wide approach to predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and quality assurance. This motor analysis offers a wide variety of capabilities for the specialist to understand the condition of the rotating system * These tests are:
• Power Quality: Voltage level, voltage unbalance, harmonics distortion, total distortion, power, harmonics.
• Machine Performance: Payback period, effective service factor, load, operating condition, efficiency.
• Current: Current level, current unbalance.
• Spectrum: Rotor bar, V/I spectra, demodulated spectra.
• Connections: Waveforms, ABC/SYM components, phasors.

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