We diagnose your machinery as a proactive action to measure any development of faults-conditions; we do so through:
• Measuring and analyzing rotating equipment's vibration.
• Designing,implementing & optimizing condition monitoring systems.
• Troubleshooting rotating equipment diagnosed with excessive vibrations.
• Performing special machine testing including natural frequencies, critical speed determination, Operation Deflection Shapes (ODS), and OMA analysis. Our onsite balancing services act as one of our other specialties in condition monitoring options, where we work on reducing your machine's vibration and the stress that could add on to its performance. Balancing of rotating machinery becomes an essential and vital demand in order to insure the reliable operation of newly designed rotating machinery , particularly turbo machinery which is being designed to operate at much higher speeds than before. The technology of field balancing has evolved from analog instruments and estimated correction weights to our age of advanced diagnostic tools to determine that unbalance does indeed exist and technology to estimate trial weights, correction weights and vectors to locate the heavy spot to apply counteractive weights. Balancing rotating equipment within its own bearings is a benefit in that the unit will respond to correction and maintain that correction when put into service. Also, problems, which share many characteristics of unbalance, can be diagnosed and corrected which eliminate down time. Keeping machinery balance within specification definitely prolongs machine wear and reduces expenses due to premature failures and component wear.

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