Using Ultrasound Analysis, We perform the needed tests to detect the sources and effects of any leakage including bearing and mechanical inspection, electrical inspection, and steam and valve inspections. * Ultrasound Inspector In all types of mechanical functions, heat and sound changes are the most reliable indicators of potential problems. Fluid flow patterns, line blockage, leaking valves, and steam traps are best-diagnosed using IR/UL inspection. Hydraulic systems produce sound and heat that can be observed through an integrated approach as can inspection of high voltage equipment. Using ultrasound, infrared, and vibration allows users to accurately determine the condition of operating equipment and identify the location of a problem. These technologies compliment each other and advance the goals of condition monitoring programs. Airborne Ultrasonic Analysis is a means of detecting and interpreting equipment sounds that are higher in frequency than normal human hearing; It is a nondestructive test method of detecting sounds that are associated with mechanical and electrical disorders, as well as a means of detecting structural discontinuities * The latest in this field :

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