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The R&D within the factory was the main target of the unit. The office has succeeded to bring a twenty project from the industry



Together to better education using the latest modern technology, with the possibility of interaction with the faculty member.


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We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Dr.Mohamed Galal

Manager of cources & diplomas

Training consultant, integrated technology transfer office, assiut university, assiut, Egypt

Dr.Wael Mahmoud

ITTU Manager

Lecturer & Integrated technology transfer unit at Assiut university unit director Mechanical Engineering Dept., Faculty Of Engineering, Assiut University.

Dr.Ahmed Saad

R & D Manager

Lecture in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt, 71516


Dr.Khalil Ali

Encupation Manager

Ph.D. Mechatronics and Robotics, 2013 Thesis Title " Development of Endoscopic Manipulator System for Minimally
Invasive Robotic Surgery" Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology E-JUST.

Dr.Saleh Abo-Elfadl

Design Section Manager

Lecturer. Mechanical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, Egypt.

Eng.Mohamed Mamdouh

IT Manager

IT manager in Integrated technology transfer unit at Assiut University.

TICO Assiut “ITTU”

Integrated Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) is a unit formed in February 2009 at ASSIUT university through a European fund (RDI program) for one year then refunding by academy of scientific research and technology (TICO) now it is fully sustained

TICO Assiut “ITTU” mission

1. Building a link between the industrial needs and academic capabilities.
2. identifying new technologies for local market .
3.Introducing a vocational training system based on the demand not on the supply .
4. Providing development and consultancy services to industry, agencies groups.

Our Amazing Works

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TokTok Fab Lab ( Workshop and educational mobile lab )


It is a workshop and a mobile laboratory moves on four wheels among schools, villages and slums with its trainer. The Lab consists of several labs to teach students and trainees Science and simple practical crafts in order to:- Sow seeds of Thinking and creativity in youth minds. Deliver the concept of how things work and transfer ideas in concrete facts. Educate students teach science and theories in simplified scientific method by using simplified some practical experience. Educate youth the concept of Teamwork action through carrying out Teamwork projects. Accomplish all experiments manually and working on all devices and equipment, that grow their self-confidence. Transfer the way of thinking in neglected villages from agriculture way to industrial in order to solve the unemployment crisis. Change apart of community culture and their point of view toward handwork and creativity.

pic2 Gallery

Multi-Tasking sugarcane harvesting machine

Sugarcane agriculture faces some obstacles in Egypt because of workers reluctance towards harvesting. Moreover, Farmers face difficulties in usage of abroad manufacturer machines because of their large size, ownership separation of farmlands in Egypt. In addition to that, the local manufacturer machines are primitive and cause many losses. For that reason it was important to design and manufacture multi-tasking sugarcane harvesting machine suites the agriculture way in Egypt and it performs the following tasks sequentially:-

* The machine was designed to cut the green upper part of the cane in an appropriate length
* It mows the lower part of the cane in way that let enough part in order to allow its growth.
* It is designed to cut the first stubble, that responsible for cultivating sugarcane again.
* The machine transports canes through a thong.
* The Sugarcane may be peeled while transporting to the back of machine.

pic3 Gallery

Cotton harvesting machine


Cotton harvesting machine has been designed to be appropriate for the nature of agriculture in Egypt especially; the agriculture method, kind of of cotton and irregular cultivated areas. This machine is designed to be compacted with the farm tractor to reduce the cost of the machine. The concept of this machine is collecting cottons by thongs attached to small hooks. The collected cotton is pulled by air compressor through pipes to the back of the farm tractor.

pic1 Gallery

Mobile home (Caravan)


Caravan is a mobile home moves on four wheels. It was designed to suit the hard nature of lands, deserts and climate of the Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries. It’s size during moving is 12 Meter square. When it settles down the size of the vehicle reaches to 22 meter square. It can be used desert trips and camping.

pic1 Gallery

Healthy Restaurant Mobile


This restaurant is designed to be appropriate for the nature of the difficult roads in Egypt as Bumps. Its size without the motorcycle is 3.5 square meters. As well as it is provided with washing machine working on new sterilization method and don’t consume many water. In Addition, it is provided with fire extinguisher and fire alarm, automatically worked.

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Vertical wind Turbine 1 kilowatt


The design of this Machine is very appropriate to the nature of the Egyptian climate. This project will contribute to solve the energy shortage problem in poor villages as well as, it will reduce the loads on power generating stations, thus it will provide partial solution for energy shortage.

pic1 Gallery

Treatment Unit of medical wastes


The machine worked on treatment and decontamination of contaminated medical wastes and turns it into a trash, than can be thrown in garbage dumps without any fear of infection. It is easy to use, effective, and practical and can be installed. Moreover, it’s easy to supervise the treatment process in working places and reduce risks.

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Water Hyacinth disposal


The concept of this machine is reducing the cost of water hyacinth harvest through the following sequence:- • Squeezing the water hyacinth and turning it back to the water after filtration in order not to grow again at Nile • Storage of the solid material to use it for fuel production and production of furfural, which reduce the cost of harvesting to 1/10 and transferring the solid material into useful one. There are two types of this machine; one worked automatic for the small places like small canals or drains and one’s is worked by technicians in large places like Nile, big canals, and equipped by mowing machine for water plants, so we can consider it as moving tank with water hyacinth. The machine provided with a thong, that connected to a device for squeezing the water hyacinth, as it is equipped with two slots; one for solid materials and the other the liquid material, which pass to phases decontamination of ‘’ impurity and Buds’’, and the other to get rid of “ bacteria and microbes”. After this phases it will be ready to turn it back to Nile with criteria make it safe for aquatic creatures. On the other hand, the sold material is collected in reactor added to it some chemical material under a specific temperature to produce Furfural. Furfural: is a colourless liquid used in different industries as nylon, plastic, fuel ….etc.

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Drawing & Engraving and computer printing Machine


There is a difficulty in the operating system of complex parts. The operating system is changes occur to the raw material to get the desired shape, and this depends on the accuracy and skills of the technician, so CNC machine is used to get shapes with required sizes and geometric shape.

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Flexible Fridge


The machine is a flexible air conditioning and decontamination unit suites shapes of meat during sale. It consists of transparent plastic cover, with two layers with thickness not exceeding 5 cm to isolate the meat from the outside air after taking into consideration the healthy criteria. The over is divided to two parts connected with a zipper, which prevent getting the air inside, then it pumps the pure air without bacterial or dust inside the cover. Meanwhile the air inside the cover is pulled out to be decontaminated conditioned again. When the butcher cut part of the meat to sell, he open the zipper, remove the cover and after sale the cover is used again.

pic1 Gallery

Packing Machine


Food packing is a size type, half automatic machine with speed 20 bags per minute and it allows to +8 or -8 grams. It run with 220 volts and does not need to more than one worker with low cost compared to other packaging machines.

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Fruits and vegetables dryer


The idea of the machine is drying all types of fruits and vegetables to be available all the year, as it is hard to be saved natural condition for a long time. As well as, this dryer uses the clean energy, solar energy and natural gas. For that reason it is environmentally-friendly machine and already used to compete in the market in large production capacity comparatively

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Agricultural Mobile Application (Gheras)


Gheras is an application designed in android on mobile phone. It consists of Database - Pictures - Videos - meteorology data - voice GPS in order to reach this information to person who worked on the field of agriculture and provide the information in different types; Audio, video for all its users. The application contains all information the farmer needs to know as: the best seeds, cultivated types ( suitable for the region), soil type, Agriculture appointment, Harvest appointment, fertilizing appointment, methods of fighting insects, irrigation appointment . The best advantage of this application is linking between the irrigation schedule and meteorology data via satellite.

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Samples of Fiber glass


Unit possesses workshop, where fiber sheets are manufactured in various sizes. Moreover, there are many different shapes and molds depending on demand like; chairs, bathtubs, toys and some hollow large-sized statues.

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Candle Machine


The machine products candle in multiple shapes, which provide people demands in parties, birthdays parties…etc. As well as, there is ability to produce candle with aromatic smell in high productivity per day. Through that it can compete in the market. The machine facilitates the productivity of candles with huge numbers. The productivity reaches to 1000 candles that will save the difficult manual process as: - pouring - Cooling – putting thread - product exit).

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Bending Pipes


The machine rolls and bends pipes and iron cans that product the hardest shapes. It forms shapes through bending without heat that reduce the required time and increase accuracy. Bending depends on motor so it saves the workers who work manually using physical powers to bend pipes.

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• Cemex crasher fixation and maintenance including mechanical maintenance of the vibration absorption system
• Maintenance of a compression machine test unit for Hasan Alam construction company
• Décor making for shops and retail stores in cooperation with internal trade modernization center ITMC
• Cemex cafeteria building design and supervision
• Cemex crasher fixation and maintenance including mechanical maintenance of the vibration absorption system
• Cemex huge project for undersurface water elimination in the mines
• Cemex crashers bases maintenance and oil leakage sealing
• ALSFA industrial city in Assiut ambulance unit building assessment
• Maintannace of a compression machine test unit for HasanAlam construction company
• Décor making for shops and retail stores in cooperation with internal trade modernization center ITMC
• Wood press maintenance AUIDA furniture making industries
• Providing feasibility study for some start up small and medium enterprises working in the field of brick manufacturing and car battery production
• Designing of the electric power system for TAHTA furniture production factory
• Designing and manufacturing of 22 channel data acquisition system for A civil Eng. Dep.


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Leak Detection

Using Ultrasound Analysis, We perform the needed tests to detect the sources and effects of any leakage including bearing and mechanical inspection, electrical inspection, and steam and valve inspections.
* Ultrasound Inspector
In all types of mechanical functions, heat and sound changes are the most reliable indicators of potential problems. Fluid flow patterns, line blockage, leaking valves, and steam traps are best-diagnosed using IR/UL inspection. Hydraulic systems produce sound and heat that can be observed through an integrated approach as can inspection of high voltage equipment. Using ultrasound, infrared, and vibration allows users to accurately determine the condition of operating equipment and identify the location of a problem. These technologies compliment each other and advance the goals of condition monitoring programs. Airborne Ultrasonic Analysis is a means of detecting and interpreting equipment sounds that are higher in frequency than normal human hearing; It is a nondestructive test method of detecting sounds that are associated with mechanical and electrical disorders, as well as a means of detecting structural discontinuities * The latest in this field :
• Detect air pressure and vacuum leaks that costs up to 30% of the power loses in the industry.
• Check Steam traps.
• Check bearings, pumps, motors and compressors to do effective bearing greasing.
• Detect arcing, tracking, and corona in electrical apparatus. Consulting
• Cemex crasher fixation and maintenance including mechanical maintenance of the vibration absorption system
• Maintenance of a compression machine test unit for Hasan Alam construction company
• Décor making for shops and retail stores in cooperation with internal trade modernization center ITMC * Civil and mechanical consulting services:
• Cemex cafeteria building design and supervision
• Cemex crasher fixation and maintenance including mechanical maintenance of the vibration absorption system
• Cemex huge project for undersurface water elimination in the mines
• Cemex crashers bases maintenance and oil leakage sealing
• ALSFA industrial city in Assiut ambulance unit building assessment
• Maintannace of a compression machine test unit for HasanAlam construction company
• Décor making for shops and retail stores in cooperation with internal trade modernization center ITMC
• Wood press maintenance AUIDA furniture making industries
• Providing feasibility study for some start up small and medium enterprises working in the field of brick manufacturing and car battery production
• Designing of the electric power system for TAHTA furniture production factory
• Designing and manufacturing of 22 channel data acquisition system for A civil Eng. Dep.
* Environmental survey and energy saving study for about 50 factory all over Egypt in cooperation with the ECO (Environmental Compliance Office)including:
• El ALAMIA for Natural water
• Swiss company for cotton cloth
• garments and terry towels industry
• AM food industry
• VERTA paper making
• ALRADWAN for engineering industries
• HORAS for plastic

pic3 Gallery

Vibration Measurement & Analysis

Vibration analysis allows the maximum interval between repairs to be realized through monitoring the actual mechanical condition of a piece of rotating machinery. Equipment down time is not required for monitoring activities to occur. The monitoring, in turn, directly minimizes the number and cost of unscheduled machine outages created by component failures.
* Vibration Analysis is predicated on two basic facts:
1. All common failure modes have distinct vibration frequency components that can be isolated and identified.
2. The amplitude of each distinct vibration component will remain constant unless there is a change in the operating dynamics of the machinery.
Monitoring the vibration from machinery can provide a direct correlation between the mechanical condition and recorded vibration data of each machine. Vibration analysis can be used to identify specific degrading machine components or failure modes of machinery before serious damage occurs.

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Condition Monitoring

A major and essential component of predictive maintenance, which allows you to schedule and perform the needed maintenance before serious and costly machine failure occurs. We Offer these services as a cost effective step towards an increased production rate, improved machinery performance quality, and increase in your equipments lifetime. It also results in the avoidance minimization of machine downtime and repair delays, and needless to say the noticeable decrease in maintenance frequency and costs

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Shaft Alignment

The very basic step required for machinery installment before its put to service and it is also a vital and unavoidable step necessary after dismounting of your machine. Our engineers guarantee the meticulousness of their every step while handling your machinery's shaft alignment, which is performed through one of the following processes:
• Laser alignment for the most precise alignment of horizontal and vertical machines.
• Couplings, pulleys, cardan shafts, Soft foot, thermal compensation and machine trains.
• Live adjustment.

* Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. Shafts can have angular and parallel misalignment and usually both occur at once in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
The possible consequences of shaft misalignment are serious to any company’s bottom line and include:
• Increased friction and thereby energy consumption
• Premature bearing and seal failure
• Premature shaft and coupling failure
• Excessive seal lubricant leakage
• Failure of coupling and foundation bolts
• Increased vibration and noise

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Dynamic Balance

Our onsite balancing services act as one of our other specialties in condition monitoring options, where we work on reducing your machine's vibration and the stress that could add on to its performance. Balancing of rotating machinery becomes an essential and vital demand in order to insure the reliable operation of newly designed rotating machinery , particularly turbo machinery which is being designed to operate at much higher speeds than before.
The technology of field balancing has evolved from analog instruments and estimated correction weights to our age of advanced diagnostic tools to determine that unbalance does indeed exist and technology to estimate trial weights, correction weights and vectors to locate the heavy spot to apply counteractive weights. Balancing rotating equipment within its own bearings is a benefit in that the unit will respond to correction and maintain that correction when put into service. Also, problems, which share many characteristics of unbalance, can be diagnosed and corrected which eliminate down time. Keeping machinery balance within specification definitely prolongs machine wear and reduces expenses due to premature failures and component wear.

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Dynamic Balance

We diagnose your machinery as a proactive action to measure any development of faults-conditions; we do so through:
• Measuring and analyzing rotating equipment's vibration.
• Designing,implementing & optimizing condition monitoring systems.
• Troubleshooting rotating equipment diagnosed with excessive vibrations.
• Performing special machine testing including natural frequencies, critical speed determination, Operation Deflection Shapes (ODS), and OMA analysis.

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Because there are multiple sources of the infrared energy, it is difficult to get an accurate temperature of an object using this method. A thermal imaging camera is capable of performing algorithms to interpret that data and build an image. Although the image shows the viewer an approximation of the temperature at which the object is operating, the camera is actually using multiple sources of data based on the areas surrounding the object to determine that value rather than detecting the actual temperature. An influential method of practically monitoring, sensing, and recording the heat and temperature of your machinery.We use it as an effective way of assisting us in troubleshooting any electrical, mechanical, and structural system.
All objects emit infrared energy (heat) as a function of their temperature. The infrared energy emitted by an object is known as its heat signature. In general, the hotter an object is, the more radiation it emits. A thermal imager (also known as a thermal camera) is essentially a heat sensor that is capable of detecting tiny differences in temperature. The device collects the infrared radiation from objects in the scene and creates an electronic image based on information about the temperature differences. Because objects are rarely precisely the same temperature as other objects around them, a thermal camera can detect them and they will appear as distinct in a thermal image.
* Advantages of thermography :
• It shows a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared.
• It is capable of catching moving targets in real time.
• It is able to find deteriorating, i.e., higher temperature components prior to their failure.
• It can be used to measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods.
• It is a non-destructive test method.
• It can be used to find defects in shafts, pipes, and other metal or plastic parts.
• It can be used to detect objects in dark areas.

pic1 Gallery

Electric Motor And Signature Analysis

Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) is a technique used to determine the operating condition of AC induction motors without interrupting production. MCSA techniques can be used in conjunction with vibration and thermal analysis to confirm key machinery diagnostic decisions. MCSA operates on the principle that induction motor circuits can, in essence, be viewed as a transducer. By clamping a Hall Effect Current sensor on either the primary or secondary circuit, fluctuations in motor current . Using the dynamic motor analyzer, we can perform seven major functions to enhance a preventive/predictive maintenance programs. Within these functions evaluate the incoming power, motor and load utilizing a system wide approach to predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and quality assurance. This motor analysis offers a wide variety of capabilities for the specialist to understand the condition of the rotating system
* These tests are:
• Power Quality:
Voltage level, voltage unbalance, harmonics distortion, total distortion, power, harmonics.
• Machine Performance:
Payback period, effective service factor, load, operating condition, efficiency.
• Current:
Current level, current unbalance.
• Spectrum:
Rotor bar, V/I spectra, demodulated spectra.
• Connections:
Waveforms, ABC/SYM components, phasors.

• TokTok Fab Lab
• Vertical wind turbine
• Flexible Fridge
• Dried Fruits
• Cotton Harvester Machine
• Multi-Tasking Sugar Can Harvesting Machine
• Process Technology To Get Rid Of Water Hyacinth
• Integrative Agriculture
• Dishwasher
• Blocker shocks for cars
Dr.Eng. Wael Mahmoud Khair Aldein
Dr.Eng. Ahmed Saad
Eng. Mohamed Yaseen
Eng. Ahmed abdoh
Eng. Mohamed hareth
Eng. Hasan Abd Al Ati
Eng. Mohamed khalifa
Eng. Mohamed Tantawy
Eng. Amr Awad

The unit is to provide training based on the demand not on the supply as :
Long term vocational training for more than 6000 student Short term training program for more than 12000 student

Human Resource & Language Courses
Language Courses
English Language (Diploma general for 60 hours ... or 12 levels each level general level 24 hours ... or conversation level 6 levels 24 hours
Technical English for Engineers
English for Nursing Diploma
Marketing and E-Commerce
- French (4 stages)
- German language
- Language Spanish.
- Italian Language
Human Resource Courses
HD / HR And Communication skills
Course instructors prepare TOT
Prepare language instructors
Preparation trained human development and human resources
Mechanical Power (Hydraulic )
* Heavy Equipment(operation and components )
* Internal combustion diesel engine.(operation , components and machining )
* Hydraulic systems in heavy equipment.
* Maintenance Management and Roots causes analysis
* Lubrication and Greasing
* Safety (Unsafe Acts, unsafe conditions and Defensive Driving.)
Mechanical Power
* Heat excharger design, construction, maintenance and applications
* Fire fighting
Welding course
* Applied welding technology
* Liquid penetrant test (PT)
* Magnetic particle level test (MT)
* Ultrasonic test (UT)
* Radiographic test (RT)
Mechatronics course
* Classic Control Basic Applications
* PLC Basic Applications
* PLC Advanced Applications
* SCADA Systems Advanced Applications
* DCS Systems Advanced Applications
* Maintenance & Troubleshooting of industrial Control Systems
* Industrial Motors & Drives
Information Technology
* Linux server administrator
* Embedded Linux
* Windows server
* Android
Electrical Power Engineering Skills
* Electronics(level1 : analog & digital electronics)
* Electronics(level2 : power & Industrialelectronics)
* AutoCAD Electrical Basic Applications
Programming & Software
* LabVIEW AdvancedApplications
* Matlab (programing & Simulink)
* JAVA Programming
* C++ Programming
* Solid works level l
* Solid works level II
Embedded Systems Applications
* Microcontrollers
* Atmel microcontrollers
* Ardino
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