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We Present Egyptian Technology for everyone from University to society and vice verse

ITTU is seeking to create an Egyptian technology to provide solutions for industry with the best prices and the best Experiences and the shortest period of implementation is also seeking to Egyptianizing technology to suit the Egyptian Environment.


Together to better education using the latest modern technology, with the possibility of interaction with the faculty member.


provide training based on the demand not on the supply as : Long term vocational training for more than 6000 student Short term training program for more than 12000 student


TokTok Fab Lab- Vertical wind turbine- Flexible Fridge- Dried Fruits- Cotton Harvester Machine- Multi-Tasking Sugar Can Harvesting Machine- Process Technology To Get Rid Of Water Hyacinth- Integrative Agriculture- Dishwasher - Blocker shocks for cars.

ittu Specialized in

  • Vocational training based on the needs of the market.
  • Building a link between the academic and industrial needs capacity
  • The development of research projects that have been contracted from industry or carried out jointly with them
  • Provide advisory services and development of the industry and the community

About Us

TICO Assiut “ITTU”
Integrated Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) is a unit formed in February 2009 at ASSIUT university through a European fund (RDI program) for one year then refunding by academy of scientific research and technology (TICO) now it is fully sustained